Photo of the Day (04.17.10)

I have an unusually small head. It makes buying hats quite difficult. Hats, you see, rarely look good on me. I always look like a child wearing daddy’s cap. It’s embarrassing. From fedoras to Stetsons, I almost always struggle to find my size in head wear. So I can sympathize with the young man in the background of this photo taken by Flickr user ³²¹. Taken in Guatemala, his problem is not unique to Central America. No, sir. Right here in New York City, I find myself surrounded by people with larger heads than mine. It’s infuriating. I can see the consternation on this poor man’s face and I understand. I, too, am all-to-often left to wonder, “why?” Why must I suffer from such a tiny head? Be brave, my Guatemalan compatriot. Be brave.

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