Pedal-powered hotel in Denmark gives guests a reason to go green

One luxury hotel has found a way to help you sleep well, lose weight and reduce your carbon footprint. The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, installed two pedaling bikes to generators and are encouraging guests to pedal for green living.

The bikes are free to use for all guests. Every person who generates 100 watt hours from pedaling will not only feel good about contributing to the hotel’s electricity supply, but also feel good about burning calories. No worries, though – the hotel will give you a complimentary meal worth approximately $36 to make up for the lost calories.

You’re not required to bike (although we do recommend doing your part to help the environment). You can stay in one of the 366 rooms at this hotel in Copenhagen and still enjoy all its energy through renewable and sustainable sources, such as solar panels and a groundwater-based cooling and heating system.

The hotel is no stranger to green concepts – it was the host of last year’s climate change conference and today is providing travelers with education and inspiration to live a greener (and healthier) life through its Green Key certification program that includes:

  • The first groundwater-based cooling and heating system in Denmark, expected to reduce the energy used in the hotel for heating and cooling by almost 90%
  • Low energy lighting and hand dryers
  • The largest solar panel park in Northern Europe to be integrated into a building, covering all the hotel’s sunny facades

The hotel says the electric bikes will be installed at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers on April 19 and will run for a year. If successful, the new electric bicycle initiative will be offered to all Crowne Plaza hotels in the UK.