Ask Gadling – Travel Advice from an Expert

Questions? You've come to the right place.Gadling is pleased to announce a new column that helps us give you more of the information you need: Ask Gadling – Travel Advice from an Expert.

You can submit questions to ask [at] gadling [dot] com — from “What should I pack if I’m visiting my mother in law?” to “Where should I take my disabled niece for a vacation?” Feel free to use a kitschy name like “Stranded in Des Moines,” or we can make one up for you.

The only kind of questions we don’t want are travel booking questions. We are not a travel agency, we can’t arrange your trip for you and we aren’t the Google of flight times. “What are the best places for scuba diving in Mexico?” is okay, “How can I go scuba diving in Mexico for $1,000 if I’m from Banff?” is not.

I’ll be heading up this column, and soliciting the advice of the appropriate experts on the team and elsewhere when necessary. Expect to see answers every Wednesday at noon.

So, are you ready? ask [at] gadling [dot] com — We’ve got your back.