Austin bound, hold our calls

As these very words are being published, we here at Gadling are embarking on a very special mission. This weekend is our annual blogger summit, a time where all of our trusty staff jump in planes, mount motorcycles, hop on a camels, and point our dirigibles towards one lucky city for a weekend of brainstorming, storytelling, cocktailing, glavanting and teasing. A weekend of grandness and an event that we all look forward to.

By popular demand, this year we’re heading to Austin, Texas, home of the finest barbecue in the south, friendly people, outdoor music, and plenty of booze. Keep an eye out for us just south of 11th street all weekend, we’ll be the group drinking, shouting and laughing.

Saturday, we’ll be hosting drinks at the Cedar Door over on 2nd street at 10:30. Feel free to stop by, say hi and tell us really think about how we run Gadling or how you think it should be done. Want to meet the guy who writes all of the gadget reviews? He’ll be there. Or Skymall Monday nutjob? Him too.

We’ll file a disaster report on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend.