Photo of the Day (05.03.10)

Many years ago, I went to a baseball game that started at 1:05pm. I arrived at noon to avoid the crowds, get something to eat and enjoy the afternoon sun. When I arrived, a very intoxicated man was getting thrown out of the stadium for making a scene. I was impressed horrified that he could get so drunk so early in the day. He wasn’t just buzzed. This was a man who had clearly started drinking early in the morning with the intent to show off his knowledge of curse words. I never really understood getting that drunk at sporting events. After paying for tickets, parking, food and souvenirs, it’s an incredibly expensive activity. I want to enjoy that investment and not spend my money on bad $7 beer.

That’s why I love this photo by Flickr user ncarling. There’s something serene about it. It’s as if everyone there truly cares about the game and its outcome. Well, of course they do. They’re Cubs fans. Every year holds the promise of forgetting the past and finally celebrating a championship. I just hope that they celebrate responsibly. Getting drunk is expensive.

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