London hotel gives guests an iPad during stay

You can buy an iPad for $499, or you can rent a suite at The Berkley in London for £1,850 (approximately $2,800 USD) and get to use an iPad during your stay.

Let’s break that down a bit:

One iPad at $499 to own and use whenever you want or
The use of an iPad for one night when you rent a suite in London for £1,850
£1,850 = approximately $2,800 (as of the date of this article)
$2,800 will buy you 5 iPads (plus tax and shipping, if necessary)

The draw here is that the iPad isn’t available in the UK until later this month, so the London hotel is tempting guests with the coveted iPad for use during their stay. The Berkley’s in-suite iPad will include a variety of games, videos and comics for children as well as downloads of several newspapers, ranging from Le Monde to the Wall Street Journal. The hotel iPad will also come complete with guided tours of London and plenty of Apple iPad applications to help guests plan their London itinerary.

You have to stay in a suite to get use of the iPad. Or, you can just buy your own iPad.