Farewell Browser, Airfarewatchdog watchdog

In the short years in which I’ve worked in the travel industry, I’ve been privy to a lot of introductions. Famous travelers, pundits and celebrities have all passed my desk, many with a forced, tight smile and the faint din of one handshake too many.

Few cases have brought true affection and genuine appreciation for one’s presence – and most of them were in the company of Browser, the mascot, pet and office mate of the folks over at Airfarewatchdog. High above the tower skyline of Manhattan we used to meet at the AFWD offices, productive music pumping and fares passing across keyboards of the talented, bargain searching staff.

The air in the office may have been focused and intense, but Browser had a way of mashing into a room, digging into your lap and making it known that you were noticed and loved. It was calming in a way, a release mechanism to step back from the computer, forget a few tweets and spend some real time with an altruistic, friendly creature.

Browser passed last week at a ripe age of 14 years – old for a dog perhaps, but far too young for an animal of such joy and love. You’ll be missed in the travel community, my friend.