Hungry? Have some Indonesian mud snacks!

I’ve eaten some odd foods in my day. Haggis. Hot Vit Lon. But for all the odd travel cuisine I’ve tried, I’ve yet to find anyone that has willingly eaten dirt. I take that back. Check out the video above on the making and consumption of “Indonesian Mud Snacks,” a local delicacy on the Indonesian province of East Java. Indonesian Mud Snacks aren’t just made from any dirt. According to other articles on the practice, mud snack fans will harvest dirt only from local paddy fields and it must be free from gravel. The chosen mud is then baked, smoked and sliced into tiny roll-like canapes for consumption. Locals believe eating the mud snacks have health benefits, claiming these dirt-bites work as pain-killers. We have film critic Roger Ebert to thank for this gem of a video, which was posted to his Twitter feed yesterday.

[Thanks, Roger!]