Photo of the Day (05.10.10)

There’s nothing worse than being underdressed for a party. You’re embarrassed, your hosts are appalled and the other guests don’t know whether to shun you or mock you. That’s why I always pack at least one sophisticated outfit when I travel. A nice sweater, a classic hat and a jaunty scarf go a long way towards making you both presentable and interesting. Sure, real estate in your pack is at a premium, but if you leave out two of your ironic (but funny only to you) t-shirts and pack a classic Oxford and half-decent shoes instead, you can accept nearly any invitation that comes your way.

Take this pooch that Flickr user Luke Robinson encountered in Peru. No bouncer is going to deny this canine entry. From swanky clubs to Michelin rated restaurants, the world is this handsome fella’s oyster. Until he shits on the rug.

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