SeatGuru adds search by flight number and route

The ever-awesome just made life for travelers a whole lot easier. In the past, you’d need to look up your plane type before heading to SeatGuru – but now you can simply enter your flight number or route, and the Guru will instantly present the seat map for your flight.

If you have never used SeatGuru, you’ve probably been stuck in a less-than-desirable seat in the past (or on an airline without pre-assigned seating). The site displays 706 graphical seat maps for 98 different airlines – and each map also provides feedback on the quality of the seat, whether there are downsides (or upsides) to a specific seat and what kind of amenities are available, including the location of power outlets, bassinets and more.

So, next time you are able to pick a seat on your flight, head on over to SeatGuru for their expert advise on the best seat for your trip.