7 day vacation rentals for $199 through Wyndham Worldwide

Looking to vacation on a budget? Wyndham Worldwide has some hot deals on 7-day vacation rentals for just $199. The availability is obviously limited, and there is a bit of fine print involved, but I was able to find several properties for the advertised price.

To clarify – the $199 price is for 7 days – and since many hotels retail for the same price for just one night, you’ll understand why this is a real bargain. There are even several properties in the Orlando area, though given their high demand, you’ll be paying $399 for a 2 bedroom for the 7 day period.

Vacation rentals are perfect for families – because they come with their own kitchen, and most properties have a decent assortment of on-site amenities. So – browse through their properties and see whether you can find yourself a hot $199 deal on your own vacation rental for the week. The locations, promotion details and rules can be found here.