Iconic London Double Decker bus getting a major refresh

The London Double Decker bus is one of the most recognizable means of transport in the world – but as passenger numbers and emissions standards grew, the iconic Routemaster buses were withdrawn from service in 2005. Updated Double Deckers remain in service, but after years of work, the City of London just revealed the newest design for the bus of the future.

Fans of the old buses will be happy to learn that the new design borrowed a lot of inspiration from the old 1950’s Routemasters, while staying well within requirements for a green and comfortable bus. Best of all – the new bus will even feature an open platform at the rear, one of the best parts of the old buses.

You’ll need to wait till 2012 to take a ride on the new bus. The new buses will carry 87 passengers and cost $433,000 each. The design comes from Heatherwick Studio who worked with Transport for London on the final design.

Of course, London wouldn’t be London without some controversy over the buses – The Mayor of London is already being accused of wasting taxpayers money on his “pet project”.