Vietnam’s secret tradition of annual adultery

It may sound strange to us, but in the mountains of Vietnam, a yearly tryst with an ex-lover is a time-honored tradition.

Up near the Chinese border, in a small Vietnamese mountain village called Khau Vai, a celebration of love takes place two days per year (the 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar’s third month). Hundreds of people come from near and far to meet and, well, “have relations” with people other than their spouses.

Reuters found one couple who had come together for trysts with their ex lovers. “In the past, we were lovers, but we couldn’t get married because we were far apart,” said Lau Minh Pao of the woman he had come to meet. The ill-fated pair meets in Khau Vai every year and “we pour our hearts out about the time when we were in love.”

His wife was there to see an old flame of her own. Everyone wins?

[via Reuters]
[Photo by Leo Chuoi via Flickr]