Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa debuts “World’s Spiciest Drink”

This drink is no joke.

The Fire Pit Bloody Mary is part of the Wyndham’s Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa’s new “Caliente Cocktails” and the Puerto Rico hotel is already staking claim that it’s the spiciest drink in the world.

The Fire Pit Bloody Mary’s key ingredient is the fiery Indian bhut jolokia chile pepper. It boosts a ranking of more than one million Scoville units (the measurement of ‘spicy’ heat) and the pepper has been ranked by Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest.

“If you think you’ve already tasted the hottest Bloody Mary in the world, you’re wrong,” said Danna Holck, general manager of Wyndham Rio Mar. “If you’re man-or woman-enough to drink one, we’ll give you a second Fire Pit on us.” It’s a nice offer, but after you use the fire extinguisher (which comes courtesy of the hotel when you order a drink) to put out the blaze in your mouth, can you really stand another one? For only $10, maybe you’re brave enough…

For those of you not quite ready to taste this spice of life, the “Caliente Cocktails” menu also includes an assortment of $10 drinks including the Volcano (a concoction of brandy, sweet and sour mix and orange juice); Fire Ball (cinnamon schnapps and Tabasco); and the Fire and Ice (rum, grenadine, vodka and blue curacao).

Caliente Cocktails are only available at the hotel’s new fire pit – the inspiration for the new drink menu – which is located at Wyndham Rio Mar’s Tiki Grill overlooking the beach. If you’re brave enough to taste this concoction, let us know how it was (and how you’re feeling).