Swiss town offers “bike hotels”

Switzerland is a mountainbiker’s dream. There are hundreds of miles of trails, beautiful scenery, and a generally bike-friendly culture.

One town has decided to get even friendlier. Gstaad, in the Berne canton, has organized “bike hotels” to specifically care for cyclists’ needs. Ten hotels in the scheme now offer repairs, maps, tours, staff who are knowledgeable about routes, even laundry services so you don’t have to smell like bad cheese at dinner. The hotels are in Gstaad and its satellite towns, and it’s possible to create an itinerary and stay in several. Gstaad itself doesn’t allow vehicle traffic, making it even more bike friendly.

Gstaad is a popular destination for skiing, and local officials hope to boost tourism revenues in the summer by encouraging more cyclists to visit.

Image courtesy Gstaad Tourism.