TripAdvisor leverages the power of Facebook and your friends

Something very interesting was added to TripAdvisor this morning – the ability to include tips and reviews from Facebook friends. Starting today, when you sign in with Facebook on Tripadvisor, you’ll be able to supplement the TripAdvisor reviews with personalized recommendations from your friends.

The new feature works by combining the current TripAdvisor information with the TripAdvisor Cities I’ve Visited™ (CIV) application on Facebook. In CIV, over five million users have submitted over one billion destination entries. Once you start researching a destination, you can ask questions on your Facebook Wall or use private messaging to ask friends for their thoughts.

At first, this new feature may appear to be a fairly basic social media experiment, but it has the potential to turn into something really cool – getting advice from random strangers is convenient, but getting advice from your own friends and family is just much more personal. The new Facebook integration is available right now – just click on the “sign in with Facebook” button on a destination page on TripAdvisor.