A time lapse video journey through Japan

I have fond memories of my visit to Japan two years ago. From the mind-boggling delights of Tokyo to the placid preserves of Kyoto and the no-holds-barred fun fest of Osaka, it’s a country that provided some of my greatest travel moments. That’s why the video above, created by Vimeo user Brad Kremer, is bringing back strong memories for me today. Brad has made use a photographic technique called time lapse, allowing every day events to happen at breakneck speed.

Watch as pedestrians scurry through the subway system like ants, clouds swirl over mountainsides and car headlights zip to and fro like tiny lasers. It’s a totally new perspective on one of my favorite places. Not only is Kremer’s cinematography beautiful, it’s shot in lush HD format. Have a busy day ahead of you this morning? Take ten minutes, click the play button and let the beauty of this strange wonderful world wash over you. You won’t regret it.