Monster Power Outlets To Go – the $13 “must have gadget” for any traveler

In my collection of travel gadgets, not many products serve me as well as my Monster Power Outlets To Go. The product isn’t much more than a portable power tap, but since many hotels seem to think that no guest should ever need more than one outlet, having access to something that lets me plug more of my gear in, is if vital importance to me. I’ve also regularly used it at the airport, when four people are in desperate need of a little bit of juice for their laptop. In most cases, fellow travelers ask me where I got such a compact outlet.

The Outlets To Go product lineup features several different versions – starting with a basic three outlet , all the way up to a six outlet and a three outlet with USB charger. Lately, I’ve switched to the USB charger version, simply because a USB port means one less charger to drag along. The USB port is limited to .5 amps, so it won’t be able to charge high power devices (like the iPhone 3GS).

On the Outlets To Go, the cord wraps around the unit, and extends about 11 inches. The plug is lighted when in use, and is very thin, making it perfect for using that one open outlet hidden behind the dresser. Because outlets are on the front and back, large power bricks won’t be a problem.

The outlets are available from retailers like Amazon for as little as $9 (three outlets), and even the most expensive one is a mere $13 (three outlets + one USB port).

Downside to the USB charger version is that it only works on 110V, so if you plan to bring it to Europe or any other country with voltages higher than 110V, you’ll need to find something else, or bring a power converter. That said, Monster also sells a version specifically designed for travelers, so check their website for the complete lineup of travel power products.