Paris Hilton tweets from her on-board bed in her private jet

It’s good to be rich. For most of us, we’re lucky if we get upgraded from economy class to business class. For Paris Hilton, economy class and business class are like riding in the back of a Plymouth Pacer.

The multi-millionaire hotel heiress gave us a peak into her world at 35,000-feet when she Tweeted a picture of herself reclining on a bed on her private jet as she flew to Paris, France. She was on her way to the namesake city from London when she reminded followers via twitter how much she loves London. And who wouldn’t love London if you leave and arrive in this kind of style?

London’s Daily Mail grabbed a hold of some of the party princess’s pics of herself on the jet – one of her on a double bed and another of her posing on a leather sofa.

Who knew planes could be this roomy?