Monster Outlets To Go Laptop reviewed

Not long ago, we reviewed the Monster Outlets To Go. In that review, we showed how these cheap and compact outlets can be the perfect way to avoid the stupidity of hotels with just one outlet. Just two weeks later, Monster Cable has announced the newest addition to their Outlets To Go lineup, with the Outlets To Go Laptop.

This new power adapter builds off the same principles of the others – a compact power brick that turns one outlet into three. But in this new version, Monster added two USB power ports, folding prongs and international power support. Outlets are on the front and rear, which allows you to plug larger power bricks in, without them interfering with each other.

The new features mean your single outlet can power and charge two USB devices, and offer enough open outlets for all your other gear. Because the product is rated for 100V-240V, you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world, provided you bring a plug adapter (which is not included) and use it with products that are rated for these voltages.
The USB ports provide a combined 1.5A of power, which makes them compatible with the iPad, and other high power USB devices.

Compared to its corded cousins, the Outlets To Go Laptop does lack the flexibility of using a cord, which makes it harder to plug in behind a dresser, but a separate extension cord can fix that.

All in all, a brilliant little addition to the Outlets To Go assortment. The Outlets To Go Laptop retails for $29.95 and is available directly from Monster or