Daily Pampering: Queensland’s ReefSleep lets travelers sleep on the Great Barrier Reef

You’ve slept under the stars, but have you ever tried to slumber in the ocean? Now you can, thanks to a new sleep chamber set up in Queensland, Australia.

Adventure seekers can enjoy the wonders of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef inside Fantasea ReefSleep’s private underwater viewing chamber, no air tank needed. This might just be the underwater explorations dream come true – Reefsleep allows you to stay a private night literally on the Great Barrier Reef, the most extensive reef system in the world.

Located 40 nautical miles from the Australia mainland, guests will arrive via catamaran for their two day/one night adventure at Fantasea Reefsleep, a specially designed floating platform at Hardy Reef. Overnight guests receive exclusive access to reef activities such as scuba diving, snorkel tours, the semi-submersible and a water slide.

The underwater hotel comes complete with a king size bedroom and a quad room with bunks (perfect for families). Your Reefsleep experience includes one night stay, alfresco dinner with wine, full breakfast, lunch, sunset cocktails, two scuba dives or a snorkel safari and private use of Reefsleep amenities. Rates start at $630 AUD per person (approximately $525 USD).

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