Ask Gadling: How can I make an important trip more romantic?

Today’s question comes from Alvin in Westchester, New York.

“My fiancee and I have taken a number of trips together. Now we are planning our honeymoon, and I am wondering what to do to make it special? I’ve heard of rose petals on the bed, but I don’t really know what else is available.”

Gadling: First of all, congratulations. Secondly, good job for even asking, your fiancee’s a lucky girl. Thirdly, there are a lot of great ways to make an important trip like a honeymoon more romantic and special. Though I don’t know where you’re going, here are some basics you can add to a typical trip.

Ask your hotel.

The first thing you should do is call your hotel and let them know it’s your honeymoon. They may provide welcome champagne and more, free of charge. Beyond that, ask them if they have any “Romance” or “Honeymoon” packages; hotels love to host honeymoons and often cater to them with breakfast in bed, side-by-side spa treatments, dinner on the beach and other add-ons, all for a packaged price. If they don’t have a package like that, here are some things you can ask for:

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  • couples’ massages
  • in-room dining (find out the hours and menu, and order in advance to impress your fiancee)
  • private dinner on the beach
  • private table in the restaurant
  • rose petals on the bed
  • special baths
  • candles
  • picnics

Find out what’s nearby.

Your hotel concierge should also be able to help with this, if the hotel has one. If not, definitely Google your destination and “romantic” and “couples” to see if there are particularly romantic excursions available for you. There could be private tours of wineries and/or museums, couples’ horseback riding and all sorts of activities designed specifically for two.

Make it memorable.

The important thing to do is make memories together, so inquire about scenic spots you can drive to alone or adventures like zip lining, rock climbing and water sports. Try something together that you’ve both never done, whether it’s a strange, foreign cuisine or a nightclub with a waterslide in it. The nightclub itself may be a disaster, but in five years, you may find yourself cracking up on the couch saying “Remember that awful nightclub with the waterslide?” Bad nightclub, terrific memory.

Take pictures.

Be sure and get some decent photos of the two of you on your honeymoon; you’ll treasure them forever. Furthermore, you’ll want to remember all the crazy things you did, that weird painting in the lobby, that nightclub with the waterslide. Surprise your fiancee after the honeymoon with an album of hard copies of your favorite photos from the trip, and your marriage should be off to a good start.

[Photo credit: nattu]