Travel fitness: Staying fit while away from home

So, you’ve been exercising regularly but now you have a trip coming up and you don’t want to lose your momentum. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to pack your bicycle, yoga mat, or weight set along but, while you may have to modify your exercise approach, there’s no reason to abandon your workouts entirely. Here is some great travel gear that helps me stay in shape while away from home.

1) Running/walking shoes: Just about anywhere you travel you can still find somewhere to pound the pavement. Walking or running is great exercise. Be sure to stay in safe, well-lit, populated places. If your plans include walking around town or hiking a trail you’ll get your exercise while enjoying the sights– and your feet will thank you if you bring decent footwear.

2) Swimsuit and goggles: If you like to swim for fitness, these are great to have. A suit and goggles take up hardly any packing space while keeping your exercise options open. Many hotels have swimming pools or you might be able to find a community pool to enjoy. 3) Cellphone armband: Chances are you’re going to have your cellphone with you anyway. Why not bring along an armband so you can have your hands free? Cellphone armbands low profile and take up hardly any room. If you’re running or walking in a new place, it’s very useful to be able to call someone just in case you get lost.

4) A List: Okay, so this isn’t gear, but when you plan the details of your travel, get online and scope out parks or community fitness centers near your destination. Some places grant day passes to visitors, sometimes at a small fee. Write down phone numbers and addresses so you can check things out when you get there.

5) Lightweight clothing: Traveling is all about conserving space- you may need to “travel size” with your workout wardrobe. For example, if you’re going to be gone for a week, don’t pack seven different workout outfits– instead, try to pack one or two base layers tops and shorts and one or two warmer tops. If you pack lightweight/breathable fabric you can easily wash it out by hand, hang it up to dry, and it will be ready to go again in the morning.

It is definitely possible to maintain your fitness while traveling– just remember a few pieces of gear and you will be set!

Amy Kemp is a writer.