Daily Pampering: ‘Out of Africa’ experience in Kenya

Luxury is alive in the African bush. The famous Finch Hattons located in Tsavo, West National Park, Kenya, is home to some of the best animal watching under the stars. You could call it a ‘rustic-chic’ getaway, or you could just call it a simply amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. However you choose to label this hideaway, it’s a trip you’ll never forget.

The long flight to Africa will allow you plenty of time to read Karen Blixen’s “Out of Africa” and re-familiarize yourself with the magic of Kenya. Here at the Hattons, all tents are built on elevated platforms and offer spectacular views of the surrounding forest. Located on a flight from Nairobi, guests are welcomed to the animal kingdom with flowers, a swimming pool and your own personal outdoor tent. This is the real thing -there are no fences, so spotting a lion, elephant or zebra right outside your tent is not only possible, it’s quite likely. The monkeys are mischievous, so zip your tent when you leave and don’t forget to pick up around your area or you’ll come back to animals feasting on your crumbs.

Before you book your personal Out of Africa experience, keep in mind the weather changes. It typically rains more between April to June and October to December, but there are fewer crowds during this season so rates are generally cheaper. July and August are the coldest months – opposite of the North American climate.

Rates start at $540/night for the high season (February – April; July – December) and dip to $380/night for the low season.

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