Win ONE MILLION Hilton points with Homewoodstories

What would you do with a million HHonors points? Me? I’d probably spend a good week in the Conrad Maldives, take pictures of my gorgeous villas and send them incessantly to all of my friends and family. Or perhaps I might book an entire hotel for one night and have a massive party with all of my friends.

But who’s got a million points? Well, you could actually win them with Homewood Suites new contest, Homewood Stories. The Hilton business suite brand is soliciting entries that tell the story of successful (dare we say glorious?) Homewood stays, from stories of serendipitous happenstance to full on, outstanding customer support. One winner will be chosen at the end of the contest to win the grand prize.

Right now the entries are pretty paltry, but you can reasonably bet that competition is going to pick up pretty fiercely. Video, audio and text entries are accepted, so get out your video camera, dust off you blue ruffled tuxedo and get your game face on — one million HHpoints doesn’t come without creativity, work and luck.

[flickr photo via muha]