Daily Pampering: Shanghai’s Peace Hotel opens with $1,000 room rates

Shanghai‘s Peace Hotel finally reopened last week after three years of restoration, and according to some the wait was absolutely worth it.

The iconic hotel, which has accommodated high-end guests and celebrities for years, spent HK$500 million (approximately $64 million USD) to restore the building. The result: 270 refurbished rooms, including the so-called Nine Nations Suites; six restaurants and lounges, including the Jazz Bar frequented by former U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

The Peace Hotel, also known as the Fairmont Peace Hotel, is welcoming guests at starting rates of 2,300 yuan (approximately $340 USD) and go as high 7,000 yuan (approximately $1,000 USD) or more for a night. The cost of staying in one of the most preserved peace-keeping hotels in the world? Priceless.

[via Bloomberg]