Photo of the Day (8.7.2010)

What I love about this photo is not the abandoned look of this church; it doesn’t prompt any metaphors. It’s not the sweeping landscape background or the prairie grass foreground. It’s not what appears to be a sad little bird of a bell in the tiny tower.

What I love about this photo is the fact that the onion dome isn’t blue. I have nothing against blue onion domes, mind you. They’re colorful and pleasant and can really brighten up a cloudy skyline. It’s just that I equate onion domes with blue paint. And if the paint is blue, that means someone is keeping up the church. And if someone is keeping up a church, then… I might be woken up early on a Sunday morning by enthusiastic hymns. But this dome, captured by Flickr user Andry Dorokhov in Russia, has the relaxed, unkempt look of a Sunday sleep-in.

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