Tourists routinely assault Taiwanese zombies

What would you do if you were face-to-face with the undead? Well, if you’re smart, you won’t show any fear. That’s what several visitors to a Taiwanese theme park have been doing recently. Actors dressed as various creatures have been knocked around by tourists who are choosing not to let fear ruin their vacations.

Well, it’s having an effect on morale, unsurprisingly. Some of the employees at Janfusun Amusement Park’s “Horrorwood” have been given leaves of absence or transfers, according to a company spokesperson.

Of course, it doesn’t help that some of the assailants aren’t very bright. Sure, some get a bit scared and lash out. That’s not too bizarre. But, one guest said he wanted to find out if the “ghost” in front of him was real.

The worst, however, happened to a male staffer who was hit “in the private parts with an umbrella.” Okay, I’d want a transfer, too.

[photo by Ateo Fiel via Flickr]