Make your trip more luxurious with balls. Aromatherapy massage balls.

There was a time when you could bring whatever pampering cosmetic you wanted with you on your travels, but now, in the days baggage fees, bringing along a little luxury for yourself isn’t so easy. One thing you can bring with you: balls. Aromatherapy massage balls, that is.

T spheres, or “tranquility spheres,” makes little aromatherapy balls you can throw in your carry-on to ensure you have a relaxing, rejuvenating massage on your trip — the catch is, you have to give it to yourself. Some t spheres techniques include:

  • Place a ball between your shoulderblades and lean back into a chair. Take deep breaths to trigger the pressure point for a mild to intense sensation.
  • Roll yourself up and down the ball a little bit. This will provide more relief for you.
  • Place the ball on the side of your spine. Breathe a few times. Then move it to the other side. Breathe.
  • Place the ball behind your sacrum.
  • Roll the ball under your foot to alleviate arch, heel and ball-of-the-foot pain.

These are just a few examples of the things you can do with a little scented t sphere. The goal is to increase circulation and help you relax. Scents include Rose Geranium for Inner Beauty and Peppermint Perk Up, and tiny Pep Up Mint balls for feet. In theory, you could use these right on the plane, but it would probably freak your neighbor out, and it’s not really fair to impose a scent on a closed-in space like that.

I haven’t tried the balls myself, but they’ve got Rita Wilson, Coldplay and Brooke Shields singing their praises, so for people who travel a lot, these little balls just might be worth it to have on-hand for emergency self-massage. Or something. They cost $20 to $35 plus shipping and handling and can be purchased here.