Photo of the Day (10.14.2010)

This shot looks like it could be a still from a sweeping epic. Out of the frame there could be a colonial settler, a rugged man with a breeze blowing through his dark hair…. Maybe he has a lady far away that he’s thinking of – perhaps she’s back in Europe? Or was she lost to malaria? Yes, I think that’s it. Maybe this handsome young man was all set to shoot an elephant, but then he remembered his fair lady who succumbed to malarial fever and it struck a soft part in his heart, and he’s decided to simply let the elephant family wander off. He’ll head back to his plantation or wherever and hang up his rifle for good.

Ahem. And there I go, romanticizing colonialism. Let’s start over. What a beautiful shot, eh? Nice contrasting colors, gorgeous animals, a huge sky. This photo was taken by Flickr user ahpook667 in Kenya.

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