The story of a great American road trip

Have you ever fantasized about an epic cross-country road trip? Of jumping in a car, getting off the boring Interstates and discovering long-lost pockets of roadside Americana and one-of-a-kind natural wonders? This Summer, Nick Carr, writer of the wonderful blog Scouting NY, has done just that. Earlier this Summer, Carr set out with his girlfriend on an epic cross-country road trip. He’s been chronicling the adventure since early July.

For most of the year, Carr works as a New York City film scout, sharing his amazing explorations of New York’s lesser-known sights with readers. He’s taken his passion for those lesser-known places out on the road. Rather than take the most direct route for his cross-country sojourn, Nick planned his route along the historic Route 50, one America’s first transcontinental roadways, making himself a promise to avoid America’s Interstates.

During his journey, he’s shared his amazing photos of Wild-West nostalgia in Dodge City, KS, forgotten pleasure palaces in Utah and glimpses of rural small town Illinois. Carr brings a true explorer’s eye to his trip, unearthing buildings, people and places that have long since vanished from the average traveler’s radar.

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a Great American road trip, or want to relive your own fantastic voyage from years-gone-by, check out Nick’s blog. You can read the full journey starting out East, through Indiana and Ohio, into Illinois, Missouri, Kansas City, Dodge City and Pike’s Peak, CO, Colorado Gold Mines, Utah, Salt Lake City and Nevada and most recently, the Hoover Dam.

[Photo by Flickr user are you my rik?]