JetBlue All You Can Jet pass returns with new pricing – same popularity

It is back! For those of you in desperate need of a way to fill a month with non stop flying, JetBlue has brought back their popular “All You Can Jet” pass. Last year, the pass was offered for $599, but the airline changed its pricing method this year, offering a $499 version for five days of travel (excludes Friday and Sunday), and a $699 pass for seven days a week.

The fine print is simple – you need to be a TrueBlue member, inventory of the passes is limited and taxes on international and Puerto Rico flights are not included. You also need to book flights three days in advance. Other than that, you can fly all you want, wherever you want and whenever you want, between Tuesday September 7 and Wednesday October 6. There are also restrictions on how often you can pass through the same airport on a single day.

And no – you will not earn points for each flight, but the airline doesn’t leave its TrueBlue members with empty hands – the 7 day pass yields 4200 TrueBlue points, and the five day pass gets you 3000 points.

To learn more about this fantastic deal, or to order your pass, head on over to the JetBlue All You Can Jet information site.