Keyport Slide solves the problem of loose keys once and for all

Our friends at Engadget just reviewed the Keyport Slide – a brilliant new way to store your keys. Especially when you travel, a ring full of keys can be real nuisance. I once scratched the screen of a $1000 phone when I put my keys in the wrong pocket.

The Keyport Slide is ingenious – you photograph six of your keys, and Keyport sends you a FedEx package with key blanks, and the Keyport Slide itself. You then bring your keys to the local hardware store, and have them cut based off the original. Once the keys are made, you insert them into the Keyport Slide, and you have yourself the ultimate keychain. This procedure means you never have to send your original keys to Keyport and don’t have to risk losing them.

Best of all, you can order chipped keys, for cars that utilize transponders for the immobilization system. The whole concept is brilliant, and the Engadget review didn’t uncover any downsides, other than a bit of hassle in finding a locksmith willing to cut the blanks.

The Keyport Slide is available in four colors, and retails for $79 for the basic edition, and $99 for a version with a chipped car key. To order your own, head on over to the Keyport web site.