New waterproof Kodak Mini Video Camera goes small – very, very small

Kodak just announced a new camcorder to their successful lineup, but did so without too much fanfare. Their new “Mini Video Camera” is not all that impressive in the specifications department (sticking to old fashioned non HD content), but what it lacks in specs, it makes up for in sheer miniaturization.

As you can see in the photo, their new camcorder is about the size of a credit card. Now, Kodak is by no means the first to make a really small camcorder, but they’ll probably be the first to mass market one.

Recordings are made to a 2GB MicroSD memory card (included) or to its internal 128MB of memory. Zoom comes from a depressing 3x digital zoomer and audio is mono – bottom line is that this camera is probably best for capturing things you’d miss if you left your real camera at the hotel.

Oh, and did we mention that it is waterproof? That completes the equation for “take it anywhere you go” – because it’ll be just as happy in the swimming pool as it is filming your drunken antics at the bar.

The camera is available in red and black, is expected to ship starting September 6, and retails for $99.95.