Photo of the Day (08.23.10)

We send a lot of mixed signals to kids. We tell them not to talk to strangers, then we encourage them to “tell the nice lady how old you are” when some random old bitty on the street approaches us. Or we give them a dollar to tip the creepy street performer who smells like garbage and Axe body spray. How are kids going to learn that all strangers are serial killers just waiting to snatch a child (most likely an attractive white girl under the age of 12 for maximum national news coverage)?

The poor child in this photo by Flickr user Marisoleta was probably pushed towards that blowhard by his overbearing mother. Now he’s deaf in his left ear and terrified of brass instruments thanks to confusing child-rearing methods. The poor bastard never had a chance to enjoy the music of big bands. Though, you could make the argument that he’s better off having an aversion to the rusty trombone.

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