Rotterdam cube houses turned into a 243 bed Stayokay hostel

In 1984, the Rotterdam City Council asked architect Piet Blom to develop “something” to cover an unsightly pedestrian bridge they were planning to build. The result was spectacular – 38 cube houses covering an entire city block. Unfortunately for residents of these homes, the practical side of the homes was not that spectacular. Almost 25% of the indoor living space was unusable because of the weird layout and angles of their homes.

In 2008, Dutch hotel operator Stayokay purchased several of the cube homes, knocked down some walls, and turned the space into a new hostel for Rotterdam. The location opened last year and features 243 beds, including several private rooms. Prices start around EUR20/night.

Rotterdam is a fantastic city to visit – not only is it one of the largest ports in the world, it is also home to several very impressive museums and a 610 feet tall observation tower with tower to ground zipline.