Photo of the Day (08.30.10)

One of the hang-ups I used to have was eating alone. I thought it was sad. Eventually, however, I realized that there’s one meal in particular that is really pretty wonderful when enjoyed with nothing more than your food and a newspaper: breakfast. Sure, you can slurp ramen by yourself or grab a slice of pizza and sit down next to the antiquated arcade games, but both of those experiences lack the serenity of enjoying some greasy eggs to start your day. And there’s no better place to do it than in a classic diner.

When eating alone in a diner, it’s always nice to sit at the counter like the gentleman above. This image, captured by Flickr user Paul Brady (whose musings can also been seen here), shows the quintessential diner experience for a party of one. Some might say that it looks depressing. I think it’s fantastic. Sitting at the counter lets you contemplate things like, “What do I have to do today?” and “I wonder how long those desserts have been rotating in that display case?” These are the important questions of our time.

Have any pictures of people eating alone? Or just some of the meals that you’ve had while unaccompanied? Upload them to the Gadling Flickr group and we might just use one for our next Photo of the Day.