Great deals on attractions during Scottish Archaeology Month

September is Scottish Archaeology Month, and the land of kilts and haggis is gearing up for four weeks of free talks, tours, and events highlighting the region’s rich heritage. The special month is part of Visit Scotland’s new push for archaeological tourism.

In Glasgow, for example, there will be a behind-the-scenes tour of the city’s museum and free talks on the Second World War and a historic local church. “Archaeology” Month includes recent history too!

The Orkney Islands to the north of Scotland are rich in historic treasures, as this photo of a Neolithic village by user localsurfer from Gadling’s flickr pool shows. Another of his Orkney photos recently featured as our Photo of the Day. Intrepid travelers who make it to the windy and rainy islands will be treated to in-depth tours of ongoing excavations at some of the Orkney’s top archaeological sites. Just don’t expect to share localsurfer’s luck with the weather.

Having just finished hiking in Scotland, I can say that the towns and countryside are filled with fascinating remnants of the past, from local lore to haunted castles. Special events are being held all over, so if you’re headed north this coming month, be sure to check it out.