Tokyo hotel builds hotel rooms for train lovers

Whoever said hotels aren’t creative enough clearly hasn’t stayed in a Tokyo hotel.

While some hotels focus on zen environments or Michelin-starred chefs, other hotels look for the unique and quirky to attract guests. Enter: The Washington Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, the first hotel to build a large train set inside one of its rooms.

The hotel took a twin room from its 13th floor and remodeled it with a train set and model Tokyo Tower, a mosaic of the city’s neighborhoods and the resort area of Hakone. You can bring your own train to the room, or rent one from the hotel for approximately $12 ($1000 yen). The ‘railway room’ goes for about $300 (25,000 yen) and even overlooks the Shinkansen bullet train railway. The room is decorated with photos of old locomotives and offers railway-related DVDs.

How’s that for in-room entertainment?

[via Reuters]