Berlin city guide takes you on a tour of famous public toilets

Visiting Berlin and fed up with seeing beautiful architecture and amazing historic landmarks?

How about a guided tour past some of the most famous public toilets the city has to offer?

The tour is the brainchild of city guide Anna Haase who wanted to take visitors “off the beaten path” while trying to draw attention to the lack of tour group toilet facilities in the city.

The tour takes visitors from some of the oldest in the city, to the newest and most advanced facilities. The tour starts at a 19th century toilet at the Gendarmenmarkt square, and ends at a restaurant called ‘The Loo”.

The official name of her tour is “Die Geschichte der Berliner Hygiene- und Toilettenkultur” – The history of Berliner hygiene and toilet culture. Her tour is in German, and a schedule of upcoming dates can be found on her web site.

In the comments, feel free to remark how this tour stinks, and that the idea is just full of crap.

[Photo from AFP/Getty]