Daily Pampering: Cherry Blossom Mani-Pedis at Turning Stone Resort

Turning Stone Resort and Casino’s Ska:ná Spa in New York’s beautiful Mohawk Valley has a cherry blossom manicure and pedicure sure to leave you feeling refreshed and pretty.

Inspired by the romance and beauty of the cherry blossom trees in Japan, these treatments offer superior hydration and exfoliation, leaving your hands and feet feeling brand-new and looking fabulous with the Sparitual polish of your choice.

The Cherry Blossom Mani-Pedi begins with a soothing coconut soak for both hands and feet, and follows it with sweet cherry almond oil and mineral salts to exfoliate. A Vitamin E mask is then applied to the feet, again, with that sweet cherry almond oil, which gives the skin a radiant glow. The hands are cleansed of salt using soft, warm towels. The ritual is completed with soothing massages for the hands, legs and feet, and, of course, nail and cuticle care and polish.

You’ll smell like cherries, and if you pick the right polish, your fingers and toes will remind you of the blossoms for as long as the polish lasts. The 90-minute Cherry Blossom Manicure and Pedicure at Ska:ná costs $100.00.

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[Photo by Jam343 via Flickr.]