Review: SafetyTats ID tattoos – the quick low-tech way to keep your kids safe

When it comes to child safety and being reunited with kids that wander off, there is no shortage of amazing high-tech products. Some have GPS, others come with wireless receivers that beep when your little one walks away. But we’ve come across a product that does not rely on batteries, buttons or anything else technical. The product is called SafetyTats, and the concept is amazingly simple – you order a pack of SafetyTats (pre-printed with your number, or blank) and stick them to your kid. That is all there is to it. Now, if your little one goes wandering off, folks won’t have too hard a time finding you.

The assortment of SafetyTats is equally impressive. Tats come in a variety of colors and designs. The original SafetyTats allow for one or two lines of your own text depending on the design. Prices are also very reasonable – a pack of single line SafetyTats costs $19.95 for 30 and the double line SafetyTats are $19.95 for 24. Applying the original SafetyTat is exactly the same as any non-permanent tattoo – you’ll need a wet paper towel and couple of minutes. Once applied, the tattoo is good for 1-5 days.

The new write-on SafetyTats come with a permanent marker and allow you to write your own message. These are applied as a sticker, and do not require water. To apply, you simply remove the SafetyTat from its backing, press onto your child, then remove the front and write your message using the marker. These ones will actually last for up to two weeks. The write-on SafeyTats start at just $9.99 for a pack of 6.

A third assortment of SafetyTats is designed for kids with allergies – and can warn caregivers about specific allergy information.

As much as I love gadgetry and high-tech, I also love products that keep things simple – especially when they involve child safety. So, next time you are on a trip, consider sticking a SafetyTat to your kids (or your husband/wife) and rest assured that you’ll be easier to find should you become separated. You’ll find the entire assortment of SafetyTat products on their site, along with handy child safety tips.