Trip by TravelTeq is a (very expensive) rolling suitcase, chair and speaker

Innovations in luggage don’t happen often, and when they do happen, it is usually for a new color or pattern. So, the new Trip by TravelTeq is clearly getting the attention it deserves on the Internet. This $850 aluminum and ABS honeycomb suitcase features everything you’d expect from a good piece of luggage, with a couple of surprises.

Sure, you get a laptop compartment and enough storage space for some clothes, but unfold the rear stand, and it turns into a chair. Plug your iPod in, and you have a rechargeable stereo system. The design may not suit everyone, but then again, not everyone is in the market for an $850 piece of luggage.

It isn’t even the first aluminum suitcase/chair on the market, that honor goes to the ZÜCA pro which we reviewed back in 2009. Still, the Trip looks like a snazzy piece of luggage, and I’m a fan of anything that looks different. I’d just get a little upset if some overzealous gate agent told me I’d need to check it – because you just know that the airline will try and see how sturdy the bag is when they try and run over it with the luggage truck.

You’ll find more about this bag, and how you can order your own, at


[Via: Engadget]