Lemur Monitors SafeDriver and EconoDriver add safety and fuel economy on the cheap

Since not all travel involves jets and turboprops, adding technology to vehicles to make the drive more safe or efficient is high on my list of products I keep a close eye on. Two of those products come from Lemur Vehicle Monitors. The first of their newest lineup is excellent for parents that hand over the car keys to a teenager, and worry that the speed limit will be ignored.

The $69.95 SafeDriver plugs into the vehicle data port, and a compact keychain data receiver records the maximum speed, distance traveled and any sudden brakes. With this plugged in, and the knowledge that technology is keeping an eye on them, teenage drivers should be more aware that they can’t get away with everything they want.

The second product is geared towards those of us that want to become more efficient drivers, and save some gas on a road trip. The $79.95 EconoDriver module plugs into the car data port, and its receiver displays your fuel economy green rating, miles per gallon and the price of gas used. Since the data comes directly from your car, this information is very accurate.

Both products are available directly from Lemur Monitors or at your local Brookstone.