Ooh.com offers travelers “EBay for activities” model

Travelers have become increasingly discontent with the array of activities provided to them at the recommendation of concierges and guidebooks, instead turning to local media outlets and social media to find suggestions on where to go, what to see and when. Ooh.com aims to take the frustration out of activity-planning, offering an EBay-like model that allows vendors, businesses, and even locals to offer details about their events, activities and tours using a no-fee model and easy booking via PayPal.

The U.K.-based site currently has more than 3,500 workshops, classes, events and things to do and more than 3,000 registered users. Listings include pop-up restaurants, creative workshops and street art tours, plus big trips like tracking mustang in Wyoming, mushroom safaris in British Columbia, and hiking in Brazil.

The site is free to use and people uploading details of their activities can include photos, Youtube videos, Flickr streams, dates, times and prices.

At present, the site offers the best array of activities in the United Kingdom (more than 1,300 different activities are listed) but also has a siginficant number of listings in the United States (577, at last count).