Photo of the Day (09.27.10)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who mix together all of the food on their plate and those who like to keep food segregated. Personally, I’m a mixer. I like to get some potatoes on my fork before stabbing a piece of turkey. Or allowing the rice and beans to hitch a ride with my ropa vieja on their way to my mouth. For some people, though, such mixing is akin to culinary anarchy.

Bento boxes in Japan are perfect for the OCD epicurean. This photo by Flickr user Marisoleta shows just how beautifully organized the bento boxes are on Japanese trains. If you prefer that your food have borders, then bento boxes are the way to go. I, however, suggest that you put two pieces in your mouth at the same time. Let the flavors mingle. Live a little.

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