Scosche motorMOUTH II – tiny plug and play Bluetooth for your car

Today, audio accessory maker Scosche announced motorMOUTH II – the smallest Bluetooth handsfree car kit and streaming audio receiver ever made. This tiny device is only slightly larger than some headphone jacks, and plugs directly into the AUX input found on most current radios. Once plugged in, the unit turns into a handsfree microphone and audio streamer for Bluetooth music.

Best of all, at just $79.99, it is priced below most decent Bluetooth carkits. The motorMOUTH II comes complete with an AUX extension cable, additional mount and a Y-cable which allows you to use it as a carkit and still plug music in for wired usage. The motorMOUTH II is available from Fry’s electronics.

Once plugged in, you’ll be able to control the voice dialing feature on your phone, pick up and hang up on phone calls and of course, make handsfree phone calls, without breaking any state or city handsfree laws.