Five gambling destinations you didn’t know existed

To most people, gambling probably only reminds them of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But winning (and losing) at the slots and tables is a global phenomenon. Casinos are found all around the world, and with a couple of exceptions, almost every country in the world welcomes your money with open arms.

We’ve compiled five countries where gambling is pretty popular – but most importantly, these are countries where you’d probably not expect gaming to be popular.

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The Netherlands

Prostitution and soft drugs are well known vices in the Netherlands, but the country is also home to thirteen casinos. Dutch casinos are operated by the government – hence the name, Holland Casinos. You’ll find a Holland Casino in most major Dutch cities, as well as one right inside Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Dealers are all bilingual, and will be happy to separate you from your money in Dutch or English.

Locations, table descriptions and more can be found at Do keep in mind that with the exception of the airport location, all properties have a relatively strict dresscode and ID is required to enter.


Casinos are located all over Australia – and revenue from tables contributes billions a year to the government. Many properties offer resort style gaming, along with hotel, dining and entertainment options. Australia has 22 million residents – and almost 450 casinos. Some properties (like the Crown Entertainment Complex) offer over 5000 slot machines and 500 different table games.

South Africa

Gambling was banned in South Africa until 1996, creating a massive network of illegal casinos. When gaming was legalized, there were over 2000 illegal gaming operations running in the country. Casinos can now be found in all major cities in South Africa, and gamers spent over 2 billion dollars on the various legal games.


Nowhere in South America will you find as many casinos as in Argentina. The country is home to almost 100 gaming properties with everything from small town gambling rooms to major resorts.

Many of the casinos in the country took their inspiration from more popular properties in Vegas, and some even borrowed their name. At most casinos, you’ll find that slots are far more popular than tables.


Step into any casino in the world, and most of the table games have their origins in French history. So, it makes sense that France is one of the most popular gaming destinations in Europe. The country has almost 200 gaming facilities, but most properties are small and certainly nothing like the massive resorts you’ll find in Vegas. The largest casino in the country has just 14 tables.

In France, most casinos have a basic dresscode, and ID is required to enter. Unlike in the U.S., online gaming is legal and more popular than on-premises gaming. Most casino operators also run the larger online gaming sites.

Photo credits: Holland Casino (Javi Vte Rejas), Skycity Darwin (Kenhodge13), Montecasino (ignotus340)