Daily Pampering: iPad finds a home in BMW’s back seat

What once made your kids excited about car rides will soon be replaced with something even better…

Forget the back-seat video screens that used to keep the kids quiet (until the fights broke out over what to watch), the iPad is making its way into the back seats of BMWs.

USA Today is reporting that BMW will install optional brackets on the rears of the front seats of the next X3 crossover so back-seat passengers can read, watch movies, surf the Internet or play games while in the car on their Apple iPads. Revolutionary? Actually, yes. With this little enhancement, BMW buyers won’t have to spend extra installing the back-seat entertainment screens. Reports say BMW plans to show off the system at the Paris Motor Show next month.

This daily pampering is less about cost, and more about sanity. What better way to keep the back-seat quiet than with their own pre-loaded iPads that fit safely and snuggly in the brackets – no holding required. Kudos, BMW, for creating yet another way to occupy our kids so the adults can have a civilized drive that doesn’t end with one parent yelling, “Don’t make me pull this car over…”

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