Wearcast – New iPhone app offers the weather forcecast – and fashion tips!

When it comes to weather apps, there really is no shortage of basic forecasting programs in the App Store. Thankfully, there is still plenty of room for innovation, something you’ll find in Wearcast – a weather app with fashion sense.

The application uses a weather algorithm developed by CBS meteorologist Lonnie Quinn, and fashion illustrations by Alejandro Cardenas. The end result is a reliable forecast, and a very quick way to see what you’ll need to wear to survive the weather.

The app supports worldwide weather locations, can display temperatures in C or F and show fashion for a boy or girl. Even through the fashion on display may not entirely match your wardrobe, it does give a very quick overview of what to expect outside.

I’m quite impressed with the artwork – it doesn’t try to dress you up too much (or make you look like a dork) and the forecast appears to be quite accurate. Wearcast is available in the App Store for $1.99. Check out the web site for the app to learn more about its features.